Angie Warhol (angiewarhol) wrote in idol_vote,
Angie Warhol

hello hello! it's about time i filled out the survey, been meaing to but forgot!
i know it's kinda late, what with the competition almost ending, but i better do it now, cos a dear lj friend of mine will be auditioning so i can root for her and make you love her!

Angelica, but you can call me Angie or just Ang

Los Angeles


what first drew you to american idol ?
well, i will admit my sister suckered me into the first season because we couldn't stand Kelly McKibbin and i was hooked ever since!

did you watch both seasons ?
kinda dates survey, but yes i have been watching since season 1

which did you like better? why?
i can't really say, they all have their own surprises, but i will say that season 2 is where i fell in love... with Clay! :)

which idol did you like better, kelly clarkson or ruben studdard ?
i like Kelly, she's like all the divas combined. Ruben doesn't have much of a vocal range to me.
In the first season, who was your favorite? why?
i liked Justin cos he had this humble attitude

Between Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why?
this was hard cos i liked Justin's personality but Kelly was a better singer... i guess i would go with Kelly

In the second season, who was your favorite? why?
ah duh, Clay of course!

Between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why?
Clay of course, he has a wide vocal range that just gets better and better each time i hear him. he also had this goofy and humble personality and he seemed like someone you can relate to. he took it home for the dorks!
Who was your favorite judge?
it used t be Randy but i like Simon cos he tells it to you straight

If Simon wasn't your favorite judge, what did you think about him?
i thought he was mean at first but as the show went on you saw he made some very valid points
Did you go to any of the American Idol Tour Concerts?
sadly, no

What did you think?

Did it change your opinion on any of the contestants?
Have you met any of the Idols of either season ?
If so, what did you think of them ?
Have you ever stalked any of them ?
What do you think of Kelly Clarkson's music career now ?
i think she needs to jazz up her image cos i find her a bit bland. but after seeing some inetrviews while on the Independent tour, it seemed like she may be breaking out of her shell.

Do you have her cd ? If so, what do you think ?
no i don't have it

What do you think of Clay Aiken's music career now ?
i can't wait to see what he does on his next album, without the management of 19E ("E) stands for evil, by the way!) i expect great things from him cos he has oodles of talent.

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ?
i have the cd, and i think it's ok. it doesn't really showcase his voice, but what do you expect from 19E? like i said, i expect some great things from him in the future.

What do you think of Ruben Studdard's music career now ?
i feel bad for Ruben cos he didn't sell as much as Clay. but he still seems to be doing well.

Will you buy his cd ?
not really, i'm not into that genre

What do you think about Justin Guarini's music career now ?
does he even have one? it seems he's only famous now for going out with Nicole Ritchie. bad move, Justin!

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ?
no, i didn't know he had one out!

What do you think about his record label dropping him? Do you agree ?
i heard about it, i think it had something to o with poor sales...
Your Opinion of...

Kimberly Locke :
love her! she is amazing and beautiful, glad to know that all that talk about her weight didn't stop her from being fab!

R.J. Helton :
he's alright

Frenchie :
she was good, she had what Fantasia Barrino lacks!

Kimberly Caldwell :
she's like Ruben, no vocal range. she's just the token blonde with a wild attitude

Nikki McKibbin :

Tamyra Gray :
Tamyra should have been in the top 3

Trenyce :
she's my favorite jailbird ;) no really, i thought she was great too.

Carmen Rasmusen :
she reminds me of the seagull from The Little Mermaid (warble warble)

Charles Grigsby :
i miss Charles! he was nice and had a good voice! it sucks he waslet go so early on!

Christina Christian :
she is definitely a cutie and she sings well. i really like dher in the x-mas special

Julia DeMato :
she was good but i didn't see anything too original about her. she didn't stand out to me enough
Have you ever tried out for American Idol ?
nope. i can't really sing and i think i'm too old anyway

What was your experience ?
Are you planning on trying out next season ?

Are you excited for next season? What do you expect ?
i expect my friend Bryn to be in the top 10!!!!

Any other opinions you want to include ?
yeah, i really hate how people keep saying how bad the show is and how they want Clay back. i miss Clay too, but you know what, it's not the Clay Show! and every season is going to be different with new people and some people just haven't accepted that.

Last question...
Do you consider yourself an "OBSESSED" American Idol Fan ?!
oh man, i think i am! i tape it every night co i am in school when it's on! and when i'm class i watch the clock and when it's on i have to announce that american idol is on right now! and i think about it until i get home and watch and i don't look t my friends list until after i've watched my tape cos i don't want to be spoiled! it's bad, i know! and even though there are some rathe annoying contestants on there, or people who aren't that great, i still HAVE to watch!
i think it's a great show, and i can't get enough of it and i ordered an AI t-shirt online cos i'm a dork! go me!

ok, bye! :)
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