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name: Whitney

location: Charlotte

age: 17

what first drew you to american idol ? my sister watched it alot and i started watching it with her

did you watch both seasons ? yeah of course

which did you like better? why? the first season because it was the orignal season.

which idol did you like better, kelly clarkson or ruben studdard ? Kelly Clarkson because I think her type of music can be enjoyed by everyone


In the first season, who was your favorite? why? Kelly Clarkson because of her amazing ability to sing any range and any type of song

Between Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why? Kelly Clarkson, I think I was gonna cry if she didn't win because her voice is 10 times better than Justin and I think Justin's contract didn't go far so I'm glad she won.

In the second season, who was your favorite? why? Clay Aiken because he's from Charlotte and he catched my eye from the begining.

Between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why? Ruben because Clay is more of one type of music and Ruben can pretty much do it all.


Who was your favorite judge? Randy

If Simon wasn't your favorite judge, what did you think about him? He's mean at times but pretty much what makes me watch the show because he lays it out on the table and if you don't like what he says, move on.


Did you go to any of the American Idol Tour Concerts? no, I want to though

What did you think? n/a

Did it change your opinion on any of the contestants? n/a

Have you met any of the Idols of either season ? I saw Clay at a bar

If so, what did you think of them ? He was so sweet. He bought me a drink

Have you ever stalked any of them ? no


What do you think of Kelly Clarkson's music career now ? I think it is awsome

Do you have her cd ? If so, what do you think ? yes, I love all her songs, her songs can relate to any mood that I am feeling.

What do you think of Clay Aiken's music career now ? Very good

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ? No, but I have heard it and its very good.

What do you think of Ruben Studdard's music career now ? it seems that it is going well.

Will you buy his cd ? no

What do you think about Justin Guarini's music career now ? I think he shouldn't have one

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ? no, I never liked his voice

What do you think about his record label dropping him? Do you agree ? I agree with it, it seems like ever since he left Amercian Idol, things haven't been going his way, but his voice wasn't that good.

Your Opinion of...

Kimberly Locke : she's pretty, but I don't think she should of been in the top 5, there were plenty of people that could of gone futher in the contest.

R.J. Helton : He wasn't on of my favorite but I enjoyed his style.

Frenchie : I can't believe they dropped her early on, she should of been in the final

Kimberly Caldwell : I enjoyed her, I think she should get a record deal.

Nikki McKibbin : Her voice didn't impress me

Tamyra Gray : She was good on Boston Public. What happened to her career? I wouldn't mind buying her cd and I loved her on Kelly Clarkson's cd!

Trenyce : no comment.

Carmen Rasmusen : I could not stand her voice, it was like she was trying to be like Kelly

Charles Grigsby : He amazed me

Christina Christian : She was wonderful. OMG I Love her so much. I can't believe she left so early

Julia DeMato : She sounded like Carmen and they dated the same guy. They both should of been on like real world or something together


Have you ever tried out for American Idol ? no

What was your experience ? n/a

Are you planning on trying out next season ? naw, I ain't up for singing in front of people

Are you excited for next season? What do you expect ? I except it to be even better than the year before


Any other opinions you want to include ? NO

Last question...

Do you consider yourself an "OBSESSED" American Idol Fan ?! Hell ya!
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