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idol_vote's Journal

First Class American Idol VOTE
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Welcome to idol_VOTE ! Here you are to fill out a survey to gain access and join FIRSTclass_idols
About Us
Ashley;15;From New Jersey;Friendly;Happy;Singer;Actress;Artist
Samantha;15;From New Jersey;Open-Minded;Stylish;Dancer;Trendy
Once your accepted you can pick out a banner!
Rule 1. Join the community ! Then, fill out the American Idol Survey and post it in the community in an lj-cut.
Rule 2. Once you have done so, members of FIRSTclass_idols will vote you an either a yes or no..
Rule 3. PLEASE, do not start a riot if they vote no. A riot includes yelling, bitching, harassing, or name-calling. You're not 5 years old. Handle the situation maturely.
Rule 4. 6 `yes's is MEMBERSHIP to FIRSTclass_idols. 3 `no's means you have not been accepted. Whichever comes first ! Then, the moderators will examine your survey and send you an email confirming your acception. No email... no acception !
Rule 5. only other members can vote you a yes or no.
Rule 6. Once accepted you gain access to firstclass_idol
Rule 7. once you have been accepted, you can pick a membership banner ! Banners found here.
now, go ahead and fill out the survey !
AIM: Bigger Exception
Email: ashadoodle@optonline.net
username: dramatic_diva

AIM: xxdreamofme

feel free to check out our personal journals <3