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Here I go....

name: Tiffany Valdez

location: West Covina, Ca

age: 16

what first drew you to american idol ?
I was drawn to it because I knew people had to really have talent and I love to hear performers with awesome voices

did you watch both seasons ?
of course

which did you like better? why?
I liked the second season more because it seemed more people found out about the show and a lot more talented individuals got the chance to try out

which idol did you like better, kelly clarkson or ruben studdard ?
I like Kelly more because it seems that she puts more emotion into her singing and makes the song her own


In the first season, who was your favorite? why?
Kelly was my favorite because she performed to the fullest week after week

Between Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why?
I wanted Kelly to win because I felt she was more passionate about her singing and she could perform a bigger variety of songs

In the second season, who was your favorite? why? I loved Clay Aiken!

Between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why?
I wanted Clay to win because he showed emotion and while Ruben had a great voice and was a music major, I wasnt compelled with his performances


Who was your favorite judge? Simon. Although he could be pretty harsh sometimes, he always told the truth without sugarcoating it. If people want to truly make it in the music business... then they better get used to comments that are similar to his...

If Simon wasn't your favorite judge, what did you think about him?


Did you go to any of the American Idol Tour Concerts? I was not able to

What did you think? I probably would've thought it rocked my socks!

Did it change your opinion on any of the contestants? They're all good

Have you met any of the Idols of either season ? no
If so, what did you think of them ?

Have you ever stalked any of them ? no


What do you think of Kelly Clarkson's music career now ? Skyrocketed

Do you have her cd ? If so, what do you think ? Yes, it is awesome and I listen to it ALL the time in the shower!

What do you think of Clay Aiken's music career now ? Growning rapidly...

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ? not yet

What do you think of Ruben Studdard's music career now ? slowly becoming more popular

Will you buy his cd ? most likely

What do you think about Justin Guarini's music career now ? I havent heard much about him

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ? nope

What do you think about his record label dropping him? Do you agree ? Well, that's the music business for you, but they should've kept him

Your Opinion of...

Kimberly Locke : Beautiful and such a powerful voice (I cried when she sang Over the Rainbow)

R.J. Helton : Cutie with a good voice

Frenchie : Too bad she couldnt finish the show because her voice was awesome, but she's taking the whole "getting kicked off the show" a little too far for her own publicity.

Kimberly Caldwell : I loved her unique style and individuality but musically, she wasnt my cup of tea

Nikki McKibbin : I dont think she'll make it too far in the music business.... maybe with the rebels of pop music. But she was fun to watch!

Tamyra Gray : Wow, she was great on both AI and Boston Public!

Trenyce : She had a very soulful voice that I adored and I hope she makes it far in her music career

Carmen Rasmusen : I thought her voice was too country for AI. I was surprised she made it so far. Her vibrato was WAY to much at times

Charles Grigsby : Very nice voice but I didn't favor him

Christina Christian : Although she was extremely pretty, her voice was too "young" for me

Julia DeMato : Very pretty and I would like to see her more in the future doing her own thing


Have you ever tried out for American Idol ? not yet

What was your experience ? n/a

Are you planning on trying out next season ? HECK YEA!!

Are you excited for next season? What do you expect ? I'm expecting the competition to be very tough and I look forward to it!!!


Any other opinions you want to include ? I LOVE Clay Aiken! I also thought that World Idol was pretty cool and Heinz was absolutly ADORABLE with an AMZING voice. But Kurt deserved to win because I was mesmerized by his voice.

Last question...

Do you consider yourself an "OBSESSED" American Idol Fan ?! Not entirely "OBSESSED" but very interested in the show, it's contestants, and all the talent it has to offer for music lovers like me
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