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name: Vanessa

location: New Mexico

age: 17

what first drew you to american idol ?
Actually it was because I was bored, and I really didn't have anything else to watch.

did you watch both seasons ?
As a matter of fact I did! I watched them both religiously.

which did you like better? why?
I liked the second one better. It just seems like they put more into it, and I thought the talent was better.

which idol did you like better, kelly clarkson or ruben studdard ?
I don't exactly consider Ruben the winner, but judging Ruben and Kelly just on voices, I like Kelly better. She was my favorite from the first season, so I'm a little biased. Judgind on personality Kelly still wins my vote. I don't know if Ruben didn't really have a personality, or didn't show it, but he just never really stuck with me. I loved Kelly's dorky but sweet personality, because she reminds me a lot of myself.


In the first season, who was your favorite? why?
Kelly. I loved her from the begining, and it just seemed that each week she picked a song that siuted her voice, and she just blew me away every week.

Between Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why?
I was rooting for Kelly, I just loved everything about her. My mom on the other hand was rooting for Justin, which almost turned into a full out battle between us on results night. She's grown to love Kelly now though.

In the second season, who was your favorite? why?
Clay Aiken. Ever since he walked into that audition room and opened his mouth to sing, I fell in love with him. I loved his voice. After the weeks went by, I we got to know his personality better, and hear more of his voice, and I just couldn't get enough. I thought his voice was just amazing. He never seemed full of himself, and I loved his personality. Not to mention that he got better looking too.

Between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why?
Clay of course. Ruben just never really did it for me for some reason. I see how some people think he has a good voice, but to me it just wasn't anything unique. That's why Clay stuck with me.


Who was your favorite judge?

If Simon wasn't your favorite judge, what did you think about him?
He just tells it like it is. But sometimes I just don't like that he'll push for his favorite. But then again they all do that.

Did you go to any of the American Idol Tour Concerts?
I went to the AI2 concert in Anaheim

What did you think?
I thought it was amazing! I almost didn't get to go, but I ended up going at the last minute, and I was just so happy to be there. And I got to see Clay.

Did it change your opinion on any of the contestants?
Carmen and Julia. I didn't really like Carmen on the show, but her voice had definitely gotten better for the tour. She just seems like a really sweet girl. And now thinking back on it, I have a lot of reespect for her for getting up on stage and singing when she knew that so many people were saying so many horrible things about her. I would never be able to do that.

Have you met any of the Idols of either season ?
Unfortunately, no

If so, what did you think of them ?

Have you ever stalked any of them ?


What do you think of Kelly Clarkson's music career now ?
I think she's done really well. I'm really proud of her. She's almost proved that just because she was the winner ov a reality show doesn't meant that she can't be successful. She has real talent, and she's proved to everyone that she can make it.

Do you have her cd ? If so, what do you think ?
I have her CD, and I love it. The girl can sing.

What do you think of Clay Aiken's music career now ?
I'm so proud of Clay. I was afraid that he wouldn't be around because he didn't win, but he also proved that if you have what it takes you'll stick around. Clay has been everywhere lately, and I'm just so proud of him, he's come a long way since he first walked into that audition room.

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ?
Of course I have his CD. I got it on the first day. I'm in love with it.

What do you think of Ruben Studdard's music career now ?
I'm not exactly sure. I'm not a Ruben fan, so I really don't keep up with what TV shows he's on or what he's doing next. I know he's doing his own thing, but I don't think he's reached the amount of success of Clay and Kelly.

Will you buy his cd ?
Not at all.

What do you think about Justin Guarini's music career now ?
It's non existant. He had a decent voice, I just don't think he was promoted right. If he maybe was put on the radio a little more, or even had a video out then I assume he wouldn't be where he is now.

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ?
No, I don't have it

What do you think about his record label dropping him? Do you agree ?
Well, like I said, I just don't think he was promoted right. They shouldn't have dropped him if they weren't willing to push him a little more.

Your Opinion of...

Kimberly Locke :
I love the girl! I think she was the best girl on AI2, I was really hoping for a Clay/Kim final, but I knew that wouldn't happen. I'm happy that she'll be putting out her own album soon though.

R.J. Helton :
I honestly don't remember him that well.

Frenchie :
I didn't exactly like her attitude. She had a big voice, but singing isn't all about belting. To me it seemed like she walked in there with an "I think I'm better than everyone here." attitude.

Kimberly Caldwell :
I loved Kim! It seems like I'm the only one left though! I thought she had a unique voice, and I thought she was gorgeous. She had a lot of confidence, and I think some people mistook that for her being concieted.

Nikki McKibbin :
I liked her style, but not her voice.I was shocked when she made it further than Tamyra.

Tamyra Gray :
She also has a really great voice. I think she's doing really well for herself getting into acting and everything.

Trenyce :
I actually liked her too. I don't think we saw enough of her personality though. She could really sing, and It seems like people didn't pay enough attention to her.

Carmen Rasmusen :
I couldn't stand her at first, but she really grew on me. She's absolutely adorable, and she seems like shes really sweet. I give her a lot of credit for going up and performing every week in front of severyone when so many people were saying so many horrible things about her.

Charles Grigsby :
He had an okay voice, but he never really stuck with me either.

Christina Christian :
She had a nice voice when she was on the show. I liked her virbrato, but she's lost it since then. I don't like her voice as much without it.

Julia DeMato :
I think she had a decent voice, but the think that got her was her stage [resence. She seemed really scared. If she had more confidence, she might have placed higher.


Have you ever tried out for American Idol ?
I couldn't sing to save my life.

What was your experience ?

Are you planning on trying out next season ?

Are you excited for next season? What do you expect ?
It starts tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited. I don't think it'll be as good as AI2 though.


Any other opinions you want to include ?

Last question...

Do you consider yourself an "OBSESSED" American Idol Fan ?!
I don't consider myself obsessed with American Idol, but Clay Aiken, now that's a whole other story.
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