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Survey ! :)

name: April

location: North Carolina

age: 16

what first drew you to american idol ? To be honest, it was Simon. On the previews he was absolutely hilarious! Then, I watched it and got sucked in.

did you watch both seasons ? Yes, I did :]

which did you like better? why? Both were good, but I loved the second season. I was more interested in the contestants, and after season 1 I was really excited to see what the judges were going to say, and all the preformances. Also, Clay was on season 2 :)

which idol did you like better, kelly clarkson or ruben studdard ? I like Kelly Clarkson better to be honest. Ruben's voice doesn't really do anything for me, he doesn't really have a good range in his voice, you know? Kelly's preformances always caught my attention, but Ruben's. . just didn't.

In the first season, who was your favorite? why? Justin, actually. His voice is so powerful, and I absolutely loved his hair. He also had a great personality, but Kelly did too, so I can see why she won. Justin was definately my favorite, though.

Between Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why? I wanted Justin to be the American Idol during the season, because I liked his personality, and his voice, and I thought his preformances were better. I think Kelly deserved to win just as much as he did, though, so I wasn't too disapointed when he lost.

In the second season, who was your favorite? why? Clay Aiken. I loved his humble attitude, and I was hooked after he told Simon that he was the American Idol. Not only is his voice amazing, but he's so down to earth & nice. I love that he actually has morals, and that totally won me over. That, and the fact that he loves his Mom so much.

Between Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard, who did you want to be the American Idol ? why? I wanted Clay to win so bad. I would have loved to see him be named the American Idol..He seemed to want it so much, and I thought he really deserved it. I was really disapointed when Ruben won, but now I'm not, because Clay has definately proven himself, and I think it shows even more that he didnt come in 1st place but he's still on top.

Who was your favorite judge? Simon. He's so funny, and I think he could stand to be a little nicer at times, but I love the attitude that he brings to the show.

If Simon wasn't your favorite judge, what did you think about him? --


Did you go to any of the American Idol Tour Concerts? Nope :\

What did you think? --

Did it change your opinion on any of the contestants? --

Have you met any of the Idols of either season ? No.

If so, what did you think of them ? --

Have you ever stalked any of them ? WHOA. No way! That's crazy ;\


What do you think of Kelly Clarkson's music career now ? I don't hear much about her, really. I expected her to do ALOT better. I don't think she's doing as well as they thought she would, but hopefully that changes soon.

Do you have her cd ? If so, what do you think ? Nope, I sure don't. I think she's an awesome singer but I'm not really into her that much.

What do you think of Clay Aiken's music career now ? I think he's doing great! I'm really happy for him, and I hope he stays as successful as he has been.

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ? Yes, I do. You know, usually I don't like every track on a CD, but I like his entire CD. I think the songs that were picked for him are great! My favorite is number 4. :)

What do you think of Ruben Studdard's music career now ? I think he's doing alright, I don't hear much about him either, but I think he'll get more popular as time goes on. It's kind of strange that he isn't more popular right now, but whatever, I guess.

Will you buy his cd ? I didn't buy it, and I probably won't. I'm not a Ruben fan at all.

What do you think about Justin Guarini's music career now ? The only thing I've heard about him, really, is that movie he made with Kelly. I don't think he's doing too well, and that's a shame. He's really talented.

Do you have his cd ? If so, what do you think ? Nope, I wasn't aware he had made one.

What do you think about his record label dropping him? Do you agree ? I didn't hear about that, but you know what? That's the business. Not much you can say about it. Unless the reasons were unfair, like they didn't like the way he sneezed or combed his hair, I think it was completely justified.

Your Opinion of...

Kimberly Locke : Awesome singer, and very beautiful I hope she goes far in her career.

R.J. Helton: I'm not too fond of R.J...in fact, I never paid enough attention to R.J. to have an opinion.

Frenchie : You know, I think Frenchie was totally cool. I wish they wouldn't have kicked her off, because her voice is great and I would have really liked to see how she progressed in the competition.

Kimberly Caldwell : You know, I'm not crazy about her. I didn't get a good vibe from her. As far as singing abilities go, she's cool, but I wouldn't have wanted to see her become the AI.

Nikki McKibbin : Hmm..Well, she's alright, I suppose. She's another one that I didn't focus on very much. She just didn't interest me.

Tamyra Gray : I really liked her! She had a beautiful voice, and her personality was great :)

Trenyce : Trenyce was awesome, as well. She has alot of talent, and hopefully she'll do well in her career.

Carmen Rasmusen : Her voice is nice, but she really didn't do anything for me. She's not someone I can see as the American Idol.

Charles Grigsby : I absolutely loved his voice, and his personality ! He was pretty cool, but I couldn't see him winning either.

Christina Christian : You know, she was pretty good. She has alot of talent, but her voice just didnt GRAB me the way other contestants did.

Julia DeMato : She was okay, her voice didn't thrill me and neither did her personality, so eh..:-\


Have you ever tried out for American Idol ? Nope.

What was your experience ? --

Are you planning on trying out next season ? Yes, if they have a season 4 I will be trying out.

Are you excited for next season? What do you expect ? Season 3? Oh yes! I expect more sarcasm from Simon, more horrible auditons, and tons of talent. I hope this season is as good as Season 2!


Any other opinions you want to include ? Nope. :]

Last question...

Do you consider yourself an "OBSESSED" American Idol Fan ?! LOL...Not really. I like the show, but I'm not 'obsessed'.
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